Made in Italy Design



Who is Coffee & Bacon?


Coffee & Bacon is an entirely Made in Italy brand, which ranges from fashion, to illustration, to design.

Coffee & Bacon was born from an idea of  Irene Lorenzi, fashion designer, costume designer and illustrator, who uses fabrics, watercolors and pencils to stage the characters that populate her imagination.

Coffee & Bacon is a journey into imagination,  inspired by music, cinema and current events. Starting from the name, Coffee & Bacon develops its own concept of art based on contrasts, thus combining a rebellious spirit with clear and clean lines.

Coffee & Bacon is Fashion Design, with its men's / women's clothing line, whose strength are the visionary and irreverent illustrations, entirely hand-drawn, which are combined only with eco-sustainable and top quality materials.

Coffee & Bacon is illustration: from our imaginative and visionary world, surreal and irreverent images come to life, available in any format and printable on any media.

Coffee & Bacon is cinema and theater: we create stage costumes for films, theatrical performances and music videos.

Coffee & Bacon is design and furnishings: our illustrations are printed on all media, to create an original environment, in which the individual can fully express himself.

Coffee & Bacon is dedicated to those who have the courage to dream, keeping feet on the ground, to those who shy away from schematizations, to those who believe in an ethical and artisanal product, and to all those who love to express their creativity, without limits.

Coffee & Bacon is your idea, from which you can create whatever you want.